Day 4 (night) in Hong Kong: Promenade

By the time we left the Science Museum, it was closing. We crossed over back to Granville Road thereabouts and walked towards the Fairwood Outlet. We had long-settled on a Hong Kong-style 'fast food' outlet for dinner, and Fairwood appeared to be the nearest one. It was actually located on the second floor, and we... Continue Reading →

Day 3 (night) in Hong Kong: Causeway Bay

Causeway Bay - everyone knows it as Hong Kong's shopping paradise. While true, to us, it'll be known more for one and only one thing - Rabbitland! First thing once we reached Causeway Bay was to have dinner at Man Fai! For a restaurant specialising in cuttlefish ball noodles, we found both the cuttlefish ball noodles... Continue Reading →

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