Hello there! The Bear and Rabbit refers to us, Hui Jun and Clara. We are Singaporean university students, currently studying in the National University of Singapore. We enjoy exploring places in our home country as well as in other countries! But more importantly, we cherish the time spent with each other.

This blog is foremost a journal shared between us two, where we jot down our memories and store them indefinitely, one that we can come back to and read through when the years have taken their toll and our memories fade.

Youth is often wasted on the young. Only when you’re old do you really realise how little time you have left. Consider stepping out of your comfort zone or the comforts of your home. Go outside, see what your neighbourhood has to offer, unearth the hidden sights in your country of residence, venture the world. Chase your dreams; learn and fail while you can. Because you’re blessed with youth, and you’ll have it only once.

Photos are shot either with an Olympus E-PL7 (14-42mm), or an Apple iPhone (saved us a couple of times).

Best of luck,
The Bear and Rabbit.


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