One afternoon out along Upper Thomson Road: Chicken Clinic

We first went to Chicken Clinic a year ago, and were very impressed with the chicken and the novelty of the clinical tray it was served in (complete with syringes, tweezers and metal dish)! Dr. Louie, who does the cooking and owns the eatery, is a quiet Korean man. His cooking, however, leaves people anything but quiet. So, when we heard that Chicken Clinic was going to move to Kota Kinabalu at Sabah and close its outlet here in Singapore by the end of the year, we went down to get the chicken that we loved so much!

Actually, on the day before, we went down to Chicken Clinic, but didn’t know it was closed. So we settled for laksa at Ming’s Kitchen instead, before craving something cool to fight the heat. We ended up taking the bus all the way to Raffles City to have our favourite Milk and Honey, which was a customisable frozen yogurt dessert place like Llao Llao, but much better! We tried our best to recreate the Earl Grey Lavender configuration we used to have, which consisted of lavender jello and an earl grey tea-flavoured macaron.


Anyway, back to Chicken Clinic, which technically was not located along Upper Thomson Road, but in Thomson V Two, a building on Jalan Todak! We had been aware, for a long time, that an investor or adviser was getting involved in Dr. Louie’s business, because we happened to be there, on a previous occasion, when she was dining there as well. Ever since that day, we started seeing changes made to the restaurant’s interior, such as the addition of black-and-white striped tablecloths, and to their Facebook page (the English started getting better). It was from their Facebook page itself that we learnt about the news of closure in Singapore. Of course, we were sad, but not so fast, Chicken Clinic – we still had our reward card (and bellies) to fill!


With the exception of once, we have always ordered Dr. Louie’s fried chicken, whether in sesame sauce, cheese sauce or sweet and spicy sauce. This time, though, we wanted to try something not fried chicken. We had been eyeing the cheesy spicy chicken udon for a while, so we got that, as well as a safer choice, the sweet and spicy chicken rice set! The rice set was standard fare, arriving with a number of pieces of chicken, rice (of course) and a salad topped with the sesame sauce. It also came with soup and a glass of iced lemon tea (which required a lot of sugar syrup)!


In contrast, the udon did not come with any side dishes, and it arrived in a frying pan. While we were taking photos of the doggies and food (I think Dr. Louie recognises us as the young couple who takes photos of their dogs with his food, and posts on instagram about it), the cheese on top started to blacken a little. Finally, we started on the food!


Glad to say, the quality of the chicken had not gone downhill. It was still as tender and crunchy as ever! In a bittersweet way, we were thankful that the investors/advisers seemed to be putting in their utmost effort to learn how to cook the chicken, or searching for ways to help Chicken Clinic and Dr. Louie improve. Halfway through our lunch, they even got Dr. Louie out of the kitchen so that they could take his measurements for their new apron (which they were going to sew themselves). Here’s hoping that they will take his business to new heights, while maintaining the excellent quality of the chicken (and consider coming back to Singapore again)!





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