Living the Wildlife: Night Safari

So. It was exactly 7 days after my 22nd birthday. It was the last day for me to be able to enter the Zoo, Night Safari, or River Safari for free! And since I haven’t been there before, we chose the Night Safari! The only impression I had of it was of the fire breathers that we saw at the entrance when we were leaving the Zoo in the evening on Clara’s birthday the year before the last. Simultaneously as the Zoo closes in the evening, the Night Safari stirs to life. As we got on the bus 138 from Ang Mo Kio Interchange, I told myself that this was going to be a long night. It was not a long ride before we reached Mandai.

Initially, we planned to get one 50% off ticket (only for Singapore Citizens and PRs) along with my birthday treat. Unfortunately, we were told by the staff that the birthday treat could not be used concurrently with that discount. However, there was another discount for the PAssion Card, so we used that. Although we got a smaller cut, we did not have to adhere to the 8pm entrance time, and could enter immediately!

Well, when we first entered, the sky was still bright! After wandering around confused by the signs, we stopped by the an antelope enclosure, where they were already up and running about. The queue for the tram was very long, so we decide to drop out and walk the trail on our own, then board the tram at the next stop where there would be less people. The sky was rapidly darkening by then – thus began our Night Safari experience proper. Even though most of the animal enclosures were shrouded in darkness (for the nocturnal animals’ sake), strategically-placed lamps allow for glimpses of them. The human eye does a lot to adapt anyway!


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