Our 5th Anniversary: Day 2 of our Staycation at Studio M!

The alarm rang!

Clara got up first, then her movement woke me up. It was still dark outside, but we had to claim breakfast fast! That was because she had a course to attend at 9am, at Novena!


We got ready, then took the lift down to the second floor where the buffet area was. There were already people playing some game in the pool. We chose a table, then started making our rounds around the food, checking out what was on offer! The selection was decent, but we didn’t manage to try everything on the menu.


Delicious ham and scrambled eggs! And all the ingredients one would need to make a salad!


Hello doggies, especially Boo-Rex! We opted not to go for a second round – one plate was filling enough! Clara’s personal favourite was the crouton that was for the salad, while I enjoyed the macaroni cooked with a light flavoured dressing! Actually, we filmed a video of us having our breakfast haha!

We strolled around the pool after our stomachs were full, then headed back to our room to take some more photos (before we lose the chance)!


The good thing about staying in a loft – we get to take shots like this! The bad thing was having to climb up and down!


We cleared the entire table for this haha. Check out the tall windows!

Then, it was time to leave. We hailed a cab at the road downstairs, which took us all the way to Novena. The taxi driver was very willing to share his thoughts on the government, and we kept mum and listened on with amusement. There was something about the Istana (we saw a large group of people having a walk near there), something about Oasia Hotel being so near to Tan Tock Seng Hospital…

We alighted at Square 2, then walked over to the destination. I said goodbye to Clara as she walked in for her course!


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