Valentine’s Day!

University is taking a toll on the frequency of blog posts, but I shall try to keep it going! Recently, Clara and I celebrated what must be our fifth Valentine’s Day. I’ve known Clara since the end of secondary four, and we’ve certainly come a long way. This Valentine’s Day we decided to keep it simple – and affordable – with the help of some vouchers won from the Korea Tourism Organisation!

Remember the numerous blog posts published on our trip to South Korea in 2016? Well, we submitted it to the KTO on a whim, and it ended up putting us as the fourth-highest scoring member at the end of the year, one position shy of a Samsung Galaxy Tab A, but proud recipients of $150 worth of dining vouchers!

On this special day, we decided to put one of the three $50 vouchers to use at Bornga. We don’t go out for $50-meals often (in fact, not at all), so this experience was a special one for us!

Before we met, we prepared our gifts for each other. For me, I assembled a bouquet of flowers that ended up costing a third of the bouquet I bought Clara for Valentine’s Day in 2016. I would say it was a great learning experience, and dealing with flowers is actually quite therapeutic (compared to selling fruit juices). Clara did up a wall decoration that was really sweet, but of course I was only surprised by it when we went back to her home.

We actually travelled to Plaza Singapura at first to dine at Seorae, but embarrassment ensued when we realised, after the waiter informed us, that the voucher could not be used at Seorae. We don’t know how we came about thinking we could use the voucher at Seorae, but that’s just one of the many unsolved mysteries in life.

Anyway, Vivo City it was, and we had a choice between Paik’s Bibim or Bornga, both located next to each other and opened by Chef Paik Joong Won. Park’s Bibim’s dishes were actually priced around $10 each, so we knew we were going to have a hard time ordering $50 worth of food. Bornga’s prices were one level up, so Bornga it was! We were led to our seats by a guy who seemed to be Korean (he spoke minimally).

We chose the gochujang pork lunch set for two, and were pleasantly shocked to witness a total of 7 banchan being placed on our table. There was also a cauldron of steamed egg, similar to chawanmushi, and lettuce to go with the pork. And of course, there was the pork doused in the gochujang sauce! We spent an awful lot of time taking photos that I think the pork overcooked heheh. We even enlisted the help of the staff there!


Unfortunately, the doggies and us were out of focus in the photo above. My camera chose to focus on the food sigh. Well, we’ll have more occasions to focus on ourselves, but the food was only temporal! Yeah, so after about 15 minutes, we tucked in!

Sad to say, I liked the banchan more than the main dish, and Clara loved the steamed egg. We will never find out if the pork did overcook to the point of being tough to chew, or was it already like that. Anyway, the entire meal was extremely filling, and we didn’t manage to finish a big chunk of the steamed egg and lettuce. It was definitely an interesting and rare experience, having so much food to ourselves, spread out on the large table in front of us!

We sought to walk around Vivo City, the largest shopping mall in Singapore, in an effort to de-bloat our stomachs. We took the escalator up to the rooftop, and were greeted by a magnificent view of Sentosa! Enlisting the help of someone who looked like a foreign worker, we obtained this shot:


Really commendable for a photo taken by a stranger! I love how the ship was captured squarely in the empty space to our right. It confers the photo a pleasing balance! We crossed the rooftop to Daiso, where we bought some items for Clara’s mom, then looked at some other shops in the mall before taking the train back to Clara’s house!

When we got there, Clara told me to wait outside her room for a moment, before I was allowed inside, and there it was, stuck on her wall – a lovely drawing of The Bear and Rabbit! To say the least, I was very impressed by it, and we had a selfie session with it haha! We actually fell asleep after that because we were so exhausted, but it was an awesome Valentine’s Day. The best part was, we barely spent any money! Valentine’s Day has become an increasingly commercialised affair, and we took it back to what it really stood for – a sincere celebration of love!

This is probably a prequel to what is to come in March – our 5th anniversary!


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