Day 4 (night) in Hong Kong: Promenade

By the time we left the Science Museum, it was closing. We crossed over back to Granville Road thereabouts and walked towards the Fairwood Outlet. We had long-settled on a Hong Kong-style ‘fast food’ outlet for dinner, and Fairwood appeared to be the nearest one. It was actually located on the second floor, and we had to take the escalator up. Once on the second floor, the entire area was the fast food restaurant.


Fairwood sold classic Hong Kong dishes. The ‘fast’ part came from a streamlined service system. A way to think about it is to imagine a McDonalds’ that sold Chinese food. I ordered a curry chicken and rice set, while Clara got herself a pork chop baked rice dish.


Like McDonalds’, the food was alright. It did not stir strong emotions in us like an impressive dish would, and honestly we were rushing to finish our dinner. The Symphony of Lights show was starting at 8pm, so we hurriedly gobbled down the food and left for the promenade.

The route to the promenade was more convoluted than I thought, and it had changed a great deal, no thanks to all the construction going on in the area. We took a longer-than-expected route, and a longer-than-expected duration to reach the harbourside, and ended up missing about 15 minutes of the light show.


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