Day 3 (night) in Hong Kong: Causeway Bay

Causeway Bay – everyone knows it as Hong Kong’s shopping paradise. While true, to us, it’ll be known more for one and only one thing – Rabbitland!

First thing once we reached Causeway Bay was to have dinner at Man Fai! For a restaurant specialising in cuttlefish ball noodles, we found both the cuttlefish ball noodles and satay bee hoon we ordered not very satisfying, to be honest. The satay did not taste like satay at all; the noodles were bland. It was definitely down there with the worst places we ate at (the photo is misleading).


Walking towards Jaffe Road, we located Rabbitland on the second floor of a building with the help of Google Maps (our saviour on so many occasions). They had an ongoing promotion that entitled customers to unlimited stay in the rabbit cafe for the price of just one hour. However, it was two hours to closing – if only we had come earlier!

We had to sanitise ourselves before stepping into the enclosed area. There were two other groups of guests already in the cafe. There were numerous rabbits – some in pens, some in cages – and guests were allowed to feed and pet them, but not carry. There were drinks and food for order too, but we just ordered drinks, since we were still full from dinner. We also ordered a cup of hay for the rabbits! Needless to say, we spent most of the time playing with them than actually consuming our drinks.

Without further ado, introducing the rabbits:


Oreo (predominantly white, background) and Cookie (grey, foreground) were a couple, and had one pen to themselves. They already were parents, and their kid, Donkey was in a cage. Cookie was more human-friendly, while Oreo was one of the most relaxed rabbits in the place.


In the second large pen was Mimi and Momo, and they were actually stray rabbits who got adopted. They were said to be best friends, and one would get angry when the other was threatened! We did not play with them much, because they were preoccupied by the other customers already!


In the third and smallest pen was one shy rabbit, called Toffee! At first, Toffee would not accept any food from us, and was even scared of Prof! It kept curling up at a corner and wiggling its nose. Eventually, though, it started to warm up to us, and that made us happy! Towards the end of the two hours we spent at Rabbitland, Toffee was as comfortable with us as best friends can be! I think we spent the most time with Toffee, as we kept coming back to it from time to time.


Another rabbit we spent quite some time with was Flower. That was because lucky Flower was the only rabbit allowed to roam around the cafe freely! Flower was extremely comfortable around humans, and did not hesitate to rest its paw on us! It even rested its entire chin on Clara’s lap! One disgusting thing about it though; it kept pooping all over the place! Its round pellets got all over the floor haha! xD


Now for the rabbits in the cages! Both Clara and I agreed that Chestnut was the cutest of the bunch, with its big round eyes and demure personality. It was also Clara’s favourite rabbit overall – I wonder how honoured Chestnut would feel to have received the Queen Rabbit’s royal seal of approval!


Good ol’ Bread was a rabbit we did not spend much time with; I tried to feed it for a while but it wasn’t long before Fafa came nudging at my toes! Featuring one of the staff in Rabbitland in the background (the one who was talking to Clara’s mom)!


The same goes for Green Bean, but that was one cool name! I cannot recall anything else memorable about it!


The aforementioned Donkey, kid of Oreo and Cookie! Why they didn’t give it a cookie-themed name, we never knew. According to Clara’s mom (and her conversations with the staff), it did look like a Donkey when it had more hair, so it did live up to its name! Or was the name given because it looked like a Donkey?


Cotton Candy (these names are literal translations from Chinese/Cantonese, by the way) was so fluffy! Like a … Cotton Candy haha.

We enjoyed ourselves so much that we neglected our drinks almost completely, and were rushing to finish them before Rabbitland was going to close for the night. The staff actually kindly wrote off the price for the rabbit food for us, and we bade goodbye before leaving, smiles etched on our faces. Rabbitland would be our recommendation to travellers coming to Hong Kong and stopping by Causeway Bay. Skip the shopping, and keep these rabbits company instead (trust me, I’ve shopped at Causeway Bay)!



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