Christmas on a Great Street (Part 2)!

Last Wednesday, we had an interview for the position of a Volunteer Care Cadre Officer that we signed up for at the Police Headquarters at Novena. Hopefully both of us make it through (and past the training phase too)!

After which, to celebrate, we took a bus (back) to Orchard Road to have some Chicken Up at Centrepoint! Centrepoint seems to have upped their standards this year, with an extensive bakery manned entirely by Gingerbread Men on its exterior (the bread even had price tags)!

We went into the mall and went straight for the food section, where there was a Honolulu Cafe, which originated from Hong Kong and is famous for egg tarts. Chicken Up was next to it. We were quite famished, so we asked for a table!

The decor was rather hilarious to us, because they hung Noisy Chickens on the walls. It was funny because a group from a philosophy module we were taking made a video about an alternate reality where chickens consume factory farmed human beings, and it was enacted entirely with Noisy Chickens. Looking at these Noisy ChickensĀ triggered thoughts of that video.

We redeemed our Groupon, and after a short wait the chicken wings came in a metal basket. A few photos later, hungry us started on them without further ado.

The wings were not the best Korean fried chicken we have tasted, but they were decent. That’s about it.



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