Christmas on a Great Street (Part 1) !

On the 12th of November, Orchard Road was being lit up for Christmas, and they opened up the road to pedestrians, so we decided to take the opportunity to admire the Christmas lights like we have been doing since a few years back!

We met up for dinner at Bishan before taking the red line to Orchard station! It was at BBQ Express, a place that has been around for a long time (I remember my dad used to get dinners for the weekend from there in the distant past). Unfortunately, the prices have risen accordingly, but their nuggets are still so affordable thankfully.

Knowing that it was a weekend, and we were going to Orchard Road, we were already bracing ourselves for the crowd. And disappoint it did not. The road itself was packed to the brim. There were shops at the sides selling the usual trending items. What caught our attention, though, was one selling potted cacti with eyes on them. They were too cute!


The lights themselves were magical, as usual this time of every year, and as we walked towards Ngee Ann City, the shops tapered off and the road became considerably wider. The crowd became more spaced out, which was like a (literal) breath of fresh air. Walking on, we reached the main stage where a jazz performance was ongoing. Some members of the public were jazzing along and were rewarded with prizes.


Following that was a mascot show featuring performers on stilts and iconic Christmas characters like the Gingerbread Man, Santa and Rudolph! They picked some little kids to go on stage and taught them a dance to All I Want For Christmas Is You!


Dancer and Prof were enjoying themselves, so Boo took a photo of them, posted the photo on his instagram account and it managed to make it onto the large screen! Unfortunately, Prof was partially obstructed from view by Jack and Rai, who were getting on stage to perform 😦

Regardless, because many members of the public have seen that photo, I am very certain they have become famous doggies!


We decided to deviate from the road and began our Christmas tree-hopping on the pavement in front of Paragon, which has the best Christmas trees every year, in my opinion. This year’s was equally stunning, I must say!


It was now Boo and Spotty’s turn to come out! Boo wanted to take photos with the reindeers and he got his wish! He even ‘kissed’ one of them!


Just hangin’ around!

We then crossed the road to Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza, where we saw a man on a electric bicycle controlling an inflatable R2D2. Children swarmed around it and began to carry it around. Sometimes they treated it a little too rough, but the man hardly seemed to care. Perhaps all he wanted for Christmas was to bring joy to other children.


The Ngee Ann City tree was inside the shopping mall itself. Usually, Christmas trees in malls are limited in terms of height, but this one was as tall as Paragon’s! And although I stated above that Paragon has the best trees every year, I think that the Ngee Ann City tree edges it out this time round for being equally stunning and for what must be more than a hundred teddy bears hanging off it! We were snapping photos halfway when the lights went out, and Clara remarked that it looked even better without the lights!


With that, it is back on Orchard Road towards Wisma Atria! Wisma usually does not put up a tree, but there were two gigantic nutcrackers at its entrance, as well as a lighting installation at the pavement. One had to jump on the panel hard enough to cause the miniature trees to light up! We both gave it a try but failed to create the maximum energy required to light up the trees! It was a fun and interactive experience nonetheless!

On the steps leading up to ION Orchard, there was a congregation of dogs (not ours). The fifth doggy that tagged along, little Boo-rex, jumped out of the bag excitedly! Being so young, he has hardly seen any other dogs before!


ION Orchard’s tree has always been nice to us, but pales in comparison to the other malls’, and this year it was the same. That doesn’t say anything though, because all of the Christmas trees in Orchard Road are of quite a high level of standard.


And they did have a maze installation this year, complete with reindeers and penguins! Quack!


We were now back within proximity of Orchard MRT, which means it was time to go home! It was getting late anyway! That made ION the first, as well as the last stop of the day! However, it is unlikely that this would be the only time we would be in Orchard, so stay tuned for subsequent parts of Christmas on a Great Street (as well as elsewhere in Singapore, and maybe *hint* Hong Kong)!


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