A Japanese Bear’s Night Out: Washoku Goen, Singapore River Festival and Cafe Ma Maison

Ribooboo has been wanting to go out himself, seeing that the doggies get to go out and have fun all the time. So, on Saturday, we took only him for a fun day out!


And since Ribooboo was a Rilakkuma, and therefore by extension Japanese, we had Japanese food for lunner! It was at Washoku Goen at the food court at Junction 8. The serving was so huge all three of us could share one plate comfortably. The best part, though, was the price. $6.90 for chicken katsu and curry rice! It really makes us wonder how places such as Coco Ichibanya and Monster Curry can charge upwards of $10 for what is essentially the same portion of the same dish. It’s not as if the taste was that far off; in fact I thought it was quite comparable to Coco Ichibanya’s curry (and as we found out days later, better than Monster Curry).


After our lunner, which kept us full for so long, we took bus 54 to Clarke Quay (check out Ribooboo’s new hairstyle!). Our intended destination was Liang Court, a mall predominantly consisting of Japanese stores, but we got distracted by the ongoing River Festival! There were going to be performances in the evening and at night, so we hung around Central.

We were afraid that our favourite Tom Yum Spaghetti at Thai Affair was gone, so paranoid us went down to the basement to check that it was still there. Beside it was a Korean food place, and we saw a Kolo Mee stall that was completely void of people save for two. We walked past Bliss House upstairs, and it will forever be remembered as the place we went right after I left Stagmont Camp for the last time (and ended my National Service).


We then went back down to the ground floor and tried to locate the wires for the river crossing performance later. We finally found it beside the Read bridge. Back to the Central for the upcoming bubble show!


It was unashamedly catered to children, but the bubbles were amazing enough to impress even us and their parents. It was a shame that there were inconsiderate people who tried to push and shove their way through, and they spoiled an otherwise enjoyable evening show. There was even a confrontation between two fathers right in front of us during the show, so I guess that says a lot.


We sat by the Singapore river to relax, but the atmosphere was just not the same compared to the Han river in South Korea. The river bank was too steep and the river was too narrow. However, Ribooboo was enjoying his rare evening being outside! He posed for many nice photos and was a bundle of joy! That made us happy too!

We moved towards Read bridge to secure a good vantage point for the performance at 8pm, but many people were quicker than us, so we had to settle for one slightly too far away. At least it was a clear view though!


Before long, a lot more people had gathered behind us. Thankfully we went there early! The show started a little later than 8pm. We were told that the pair performing were a French couple, and they were going to be performing on a tightrope. The music started and we saw the man walking across to meet the woman, before they walked back together. Then they started walking back and forth, sometimes in sync, other times pushing against each other, and we could tell the emotions they were trying to convey through their body language. And we were rather far away, so it says something about their remarkable feat!


After the performance, we took a wefie together on the river bank (above)! Thereafter we headed past a silent DJ party at Clarke Quay to Liang Court, our original destination! Some stores there were closing already (quite early – it was only 9pm!). Since we were still so full from our lunner, we got a strawberry tart (the last one) from Cafe Ma Maison (which was not really a cafe but a Japanese bakery) for dessert and sat down to savour it!


The strawberries on the tart were fresh and juicy, and all three of us liked it a lot! It was a little bit on the pricey side though (around $7), but I was glad to have tried it!

This concludes Ribooboo’s special night out, and we returned home on our tired legs, but Ribooboo was still energetic and excitedly telling his friends about his day!


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