Day 8 (night) in South Korea: Back to Singapore!

We tapped in to the Airport Express All-Stop Train section, dragging our luggage along, and waited for the train that would take 50 minutes to drop us off at Incheon International Airport.


It didn’t take long to come. We got ourselves a seat. The doors slid close, literally cutting us off once and for all from Seoul. The train picked up speed, and soon it was shuttling through the stops. Somewhere along the way, we fell asleep (we seem to have a tendency to fall asleep on trains).

I remember opening my eyes to witness the train stop a couple of times. After what felt like a long time, the train pulled into the station beneath the airport. We took the escalators up to the departure area to check-in, still groggy from being half-awake. We walked non-stop for the majority of the trip, and looking back, it was hard to believe how we couldn’t have felt any worse.

Processed with Snapseed.

Incheon International Airport was deserted at night. It still looked impressive, however (it had to, being consistently ranked the best airport in the world ahead of Changi Airport). We entered the departure lounge and proceeded to settle the tax returns, before taking the linking train to our designated gate.

We had to wait for a while before they commenced boarding. Leaving, though, was a smooth process, compared to entering South Korea. Ideally it should have been the other way round.


And here we were on the funky Dreamliner, its overhead compartments lighting up in a palette of colours prior to take-off. We were all set to leave South Korea with a heavy heart (I presume the doggies were even sadder, because they had no seat to themselves)! It had been a really awesome trip, and we were glad to have been able to see and do so much in this wonderful country! South Korea had been really accommodating, defying connotations, and we met really helpful people along the way. There were beautiful moments, and there were tiring ones, but we’d take them home with us all the same! They all made this amazing trip.

Until next time, South Korea!


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