Day 7 (morning) in South Korea: Jongno-gu

We awoke the next morning and it hit us again that we were in a hanok.

A Korean traditional house! I went to wash up, and the modern toilet still had me amazed.


Nobody would have guessed what was behind that door, I bet!

After that, we made our own breakfast at the kitchen. Initially, the bread had run out, but Donny’s friend was kind enough to run over to a convenience store to get some for us (and himself).


Same breakfast as on day 2, day 3 and day 6 morning, but we never got tired of it. It felt so liberating to be able to sit on the porch of a Korean traditional house and have jam and toast, basking in the sounds of an early quiet morning in Seoul and not having to care or be concerned about anything in the world.

We noticed that there were hanbok in the lounge of the guesthouse, so we asked if we could don them. The hosts said of course – it was free! While others had to rent hanboks for a price, we got ours as part of the package, complete with an authentic hanok as a setting! What could beat that! We proceeded to have our own self-photoshoot with the creative use of items as stands for our (phone) cameras!


It did look sort of professionally done, haha! The things we could achieve when we were desperate! We slipped in and out of a number of designs, and agreed that the ones in the second photo were the best.


Not long later, the doggies said they wanted to join in! Dancer and Spotty even had their own hanboks to complement ours (don’t worry Boo and Prof, you both look fabulous too)!


It was so much fun that we were still snapping away when it was time to check-out! We ended up spending one entire morning taking photos, but we considered it well-spent!

Our last place of residence for the trip was in Myeongdong – the Orchard Road of South Korea! And that was where we would be headed next!



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