Day 5 (morning) in South Korea: Haeundae Beach & Dongbaek Island

Upon waking up, we went out to the balcony to witness extremely foggy weather. I guess this was how Haeundae (loosely translated to sea cloud platform) was named. The fog came from the sea and engulfed the buildings, making them disappear from view. It was ethereal and hard to take in.


For the morning, we made plans for a short hike to Haeundae beach, to Dongbaek island, to Nurimaru APEC House, and then back to Haeundae market to grab breakfast! The great thing about having Haeundae beach right at our doorstep was it took us no time to get there. All we had to do was cross the road! The Busan Sea Life Aquarium was just across the road too, but we didn’t go in and check it out further. After all, we had the SEA Aquarium in Singapore!


Haeundae beach that day was so incredibly foggy, we couldn’t actually see beyond 10 metres of the coastline. The weather was cold too, but it wasn’t raining. Oh, how we wish this kind of weather existed in Singapore! We could feel the sand was slightly moist, but still very fine (a trademark characteristic of Haeundae beach). There were not many people on the beach this early yet, so it was a rather peaceful walk for us, listening to the waves gently crashing to shore.

The doggies were all smiles, too! We could tell that they were excited to be out!

Clara suddenly knelt down and wrote saranghae (I love you) in the sand! Awwwwww! ❤


We made our way in the direction of The Westin Chosun, which marked the entrance to Dongbaek island. Over time, it got connected by land to Haeundae beach, but the name stuck, so it is still referred to as an ‘island’ today.



Now all we had to do was make a left turn.


According to the map, there was a looped path around the island, with the Nurimaru APEC House at the southernmost point. Heading straight led us to a very picturesque coastal walk. The pictures shall do the talking!


After about 15 magical minutes of walking through clouds, we reached the lighthouse! There were lots of tourists there as well. We had to wait for them to leave before we could take our photos! There was also a traditionally-styled pavilion, which offered great views of the buildings back at Haeundae beach.


The main attraction is, of course, Nurimaru APEC House – nurimaru can be translated to mean ‘world summit’. Of course, it was built to hold the APEC summit in 2005, and has continued to serve as a conference hall and memorial. In the distance, even through the dense fog, we could make out Gwangandaegyo and Gwangan beach! On a clear day, it may even very well be possible to spot Tsushima island of Japan!


At that point, we felt that we have walked enough, so we made a U-turn and headed back along the same path that we came from. Upon reaching Haeundae beach, it started to drizzle. There were noticeably more people too.


If broken Hangeul was visualised, it most definitely would look like this hahaha.


Two cute tokkis! ^^

The rain only got heavier so we were forced to whip out our umbrella and make out way back to where we started. It was such a good thing that Haeundae market was just across the road from our hotel! We went to have a look and find something to eat for breakfast (at that time, it could very well be brunch).

FullSizeRender 5IMG_5246

Not a lot of stalls have opened yet, but we got a sausage-on-a-stick-wrapped-in-bread (right side in photo above) and jjamppong from a stall at the entrance. We ate the sausage on the spot and took the jjamppong back to the hotel.


Looks appetising, right? Of course, this was Busan, which was near the sea, so there were cockles inside! Sadly, it was time to check out of Best Western Hotel, and in hindsight it was one of the best places we booked. We would be checking into another one of the best places later that night! But at that moment, there was no time to waste in Busan!


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