Day 4 (afternoon) in South Korea: BIFF Square

Drenched from the downpour, the rain was well and truly pounding on Busan. We truly enjoyed Gamcheon and it ate a bit into our itinerary, so we dropped Busan Tower (having seen it from afar) and Jagalchi Market (seafood isn’t exactly one of our passions) and went for BIFF Square.


‘BIFF’ in question stands for the Busan International Film Festival, and while the actual event is no longer held here anymore (it’s now at Centum City), hand imprints of prominent directors and actors who have won awards remain in the ground. The area was also teeming with street food stalls, so we decided to have street food for lunch! We spotted a snaking queue around a fairly-famous hotteok stall, but went instead for gimbap and tteokbokki.

IMG_4912 2

Hello, Zhang Yimou!

Well, it sounds ironic that we took away street food, but the rain was relentless and there was nowhere to sit down. Had a quick glance around the vicinity before hopping on the train to Busan station, where we absolutely devoured the gimbap.

IMG_4925 2

Change of line towards Haeundae station, where our hotel was at. Yes, hotel, it was the only place of residence on our list that was a hotel! Finally, yayyy! Best Western Haeundae Hotel was at an ideal location, being easy to get to (by just walking straight from Exit 3 of Haeundae station) and also only metres away from the famous Haeundae beach.

IMG_4928 2IMG_4933 2

The room, compared to what we had in the guesthouses previous nights before, was a significant upgrade. For one, there was a separate shower! It was also spacious – we took advantage of the table in front of the TV to have our tteokbokki and watch Korean shows at the same time. What really made it better was the open-air balcony – it offered partial views of Haeundae beach, Dongbaek island and the buildings around the coast. It wasn’t as complete a view as the one at, say, MS Hotel (in fact it was blocked by MS Hotel itself D:) but when you compare the prices ($70+ vs. $100+/night) Best Western almost looks like a steal. To put it into perspective, a double bed in a regular guesthouse usually costs around $50+/night. We already couldn’t find faults with the spaciousness, the amenities and the location, but the price at which we got it is, really, what will make us recommend it to our friends looking to visit Busan!

IMG_4940 2IMG_4945 2

The tteokbokki, by the way, was more delicious and had more variety than what we had in Singapore. The slightly spicy chili sauce was satisfying and the fish cakes and scallops gave  the dish a unique Busan twist (seafood)!

IMG_4951 2

We spent some time resting in the room, catching up with social media, watching TV and waiting for the camera battery to charge. We laid out our socks haul so far as well, for a photo, before changing into one of them – the ones we were wearing were soaked through and through!


Rested and rejuvenated, we headed out again in the early evening for Gwangan beach, which was spectacular at night!



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