Day 3 (afternoon) in South Korea: Seoul Land

Well, we didn’t know that we had to purchase new tickets to board the Elephant Tram again!

We tried to board the incoming tram with the old tickets, after having left Seoul Theme Garden, only to be turned away and directed to the ticketing counter. By then, the tram had already left, so we decided to do the crazy – walk over to Seoul Land! We were convinced that it wouldn’t be that long a distance, because we could hear screams of excitement coming from the theme park from the edge of the Theme Garden.

So we walked, and walked, and walked… and we reached Seoul Land moments after the passengers on the next tram arrived (had we bought the tickets, we would have been on that tram). Our conclusion: it’s not that crazy to walk from Seoul Theme Garden/Zoo to Seoul Land after all. I’m glad we saved that 1,000 won for greater things!


The entrance fee to Seoul Land was pricier than that of Seoul Theme Garden, but it was still a bargain when compared to that of Everland. Thanks to a discount exclusively for tourists, our tickets cost only 15,000 won each. Being cheaper and less well-known than Everland (isn’t everyone going to Everland?), expectations were naturally set lower for Seoul Land. But it just kept exceeding our expectations, one by one, and at the end of the day, we were convinced that it could comfortably match up to what Everland has to offer (yes, we’ve both been there before).

Chill rides? Check. Crazy rides? Check. Themed areas? Check. Characters? Seoul Land has their own, in addition to featuring popular existing ones. Animals? There’s the zoo for that!

The best part? No excruciating 3-hour journey there. For all these reasons, we can vouch for Seoul Land, and recommend giving it a go. There’s even a mini indoor theme park for little kids!


We started out in Adventure Land! The first ride we took was the Den of Lost Thieves, a shooting game where we gained points as we shot laser targets along the track that the cart took us along; quite similar to the Buzz Lightyear ride in Universal Studios Singapore! In the end, Clara won hahaha!


The next ride was Tikitoc Train! It’s a relatively slow-moving coaster meant for younger children, but it’s a good option for people who want to take it easy, like us. 😛 It wasn’t that bad though – we still got to feel the breeze in your hair!

We read so much about a sky cycle ride in the theme park, and travelled from Adventure Land to Fantasy Land in search of it. We found it located on top of a bumper car attraction, looking a bit different from what Clara remembered. Turns out it’s the same ride, but with a new outfit!


Pedalling our sky cycle and admiring the views, we gave our legs a good workout and had lots of fun in the process! Nearing the end of the self-powered ride, we saw a carousel and knew we had to get on it. Selecting adjacent horses (Clara got a sea-horse while I got an ordinary-looking horse) and strapping on our safety belts, the music started and our horses started revolving gently around the centre!


Fantasy Land is populated by rides that provide a more relaxing form of enjoyment as opposed to the thrilling kind. They also all feature famous Korean cartoon characters! The first one we took was Kambu Airplane! This ride took us up into the air and spun us around. Nothing too complicated, but it gave us a bird’s eye view of the theme park, and we got to take in the great scenery all around! Next up, we came face to face with a robot named Arpo and his ride, the Arpo Swing, which in addition to spinning our cabin around, spun it within its own cluster of four cabins at a tilt. Our personal favourite was a ride featuring many cute Larva, worm-like characters with dramatic expressions, fittingly named Larva Twister! The speed at which the Larva spin is blazingly fast, and instead of a gentle breeze, we got a constant gust of wind blowing into our faces, throwing our hair into disarray!

To better illustrate our point, photos of us before the ride (left) and during it (right)!

With that, we crossed over to Tomorrow Land, which was in total contrast to Fantasy Land, with the highest number of thrilling rides situated there. We gave the Crazy Mouse a go, and crazy it was indeed – we swear that we almost suffered from concussions at the end of it! We wouldn’t really recommend it to anyone unless they needed a good knock to the head! We were so disorientated after the ride that we went for a Blue Lemon Ade!

Every Crazy Mouse must live in a Crazy House! We didn’t go into it, but from what we saw, it was a tilting house that rose tens of metres up into the air and started twisting one way and another. Definitely unsuitable for those with motion sickness. There was also the Sky X, a free fall of 50 metres from a cable, and a Galaxy Train that accelerated its passengers through two loops along its track, then decelerated them abruptly along the way. And then there was the Black Hole 2000, Seoul Land’s expansive, non-wooden answer to Everland’s T-Express (both below).

IMG_4304 2P1010775

It was scary enough looking at it from the ground up. Needless to say, we didn’t get on! We did, however, take some nice photos with the flower patches and character statues on the ground!

IMG_4326 2

Not all rides in Tomorrow Land were designed to thrill, however. We sat on a ride called Rock Cafe, that went round and round at great speed and was designed to bring its riders ‘closer to (their) lover by using the centrifugal force’, according to Seoul Land’s official website. There was accompanying popular music, and even a segment when the entire ride was covered up with cloth – for couples to kiss! What we did instead was to take photos with the doggies!

Clara read about a carousel with musical instruments on it, and we finally found it behind Rock Cafe. It’s not everyday that people get to see a carousel with musical instruments. We hopped onto a pair of tubas and got going!


Another relaxing ride, that we didn’t manage to board, was the Zeppelin ride. It looked cheerful with all the pastel-coloured airship-shaped cabins, and the people riding it seemed like they were enjoying it! Given another chance, we would definitely try it out!

Along the way, we also went for a ride on the World Cup. A giant dish that tilted up high into the air so that it resembled more like a ferris wheel – except that its occupants (poor us included) were left hanging sideways. The dish then started rotating, sending us all spinning wildly. Taking this ride was the worst decision ever. We might even have gotten minor whiplash somewhere along the way.

We stumbled into the last themed area, Samchulli Hill. There was a Haunted House there, but it seemed like another session was underway. Strapped for time, we made the painful decision to give it a miss. Clara found another Clara and took a photo with her!


We headed back to Adventure Land to board the two rides we wanted to, Flume Ride and King Viking! Flume Ride was a log ride on a stream with a steep drop – and a subsequent splash – near the end! One of the best rides we took that day!


King Viking was, well, a Viking ship. Two Korean children unwittingly got on board, and as the Viking ship rocked back and forth, higher and higher, they started crying out for their mothers. Poor things, but nothing could be done until the ride came to an end, and by then they looked terrified.

Our afternoon at Seoul Land was nothing short of fun, and sadly, it had to come to an end. Making our way out, we took a lot more nice photos, and caught the Elephant Train back to the main entrance. Our destination for the night – Banpo Rainbow Bridge Fountain along the Han river!


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