Living the Wildlife: Night Safari

So. It was exactly 7 days after my 22nd birthday. It was the last day for me to be able to enter the Zoo, Night Safari, or River Safari for free! And since I haven't been there before, we chose the Night Safari! The only impression I had of it was of the fire breathers that... Continue Reading →

i Light Marina Bay 2017

One thing the Bear and Rabbit have always made a point to go to, is i Light at Marina Bay! It all started when we went for the 2014 edition. It was biannual back then, so the next one was held in 2016 (which was awesome). Thankfully, i Light is now a yearly affair, so... Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Day!

University is taking a toll on the frequency of blog posts, but I shall try to keep it going! Recently, Clara and I celebrated what must be our fifth Valentine's Day. I've known Clara since the end of secondary four, and we've certainly come a long way. This Valentine's Day we decided to keep it... Continue Reading →

Day 5 (afternoon) in Hong Kong: Stanley

Clarification with the counter staff confirmed the dreaded thought - our flight was delayed by a whole 3 hours! Thank you Jetstar (no really, that was a blessing in disguise)! So many thoughts ran through our heads, as we scrambled to assemble a plan to utilise the spare time on our hands. First, we dropped off our... Continue Reading →

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